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SSRC Board Meeting
Scottsdale Mustang Library
Mar 08, 2017
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SSRC Board Meeting
Scottsdale Mustang Library
Apr 12, 2017
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SSRC Board Meeting
Scottsdale Mustang Library
May 10, 2017
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Feb 16, 2017
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Feb 23, 2017
Living in Dubai
Mar 02, 2017
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This Week's Meeting Responsibilities
Greeter: Ron Lofano
Raffle: Alan Bakst
4-way test + pledge: Craig Rethwill
Vocational 2 Minutes: Dennis Haberer
Dear SSRC Rotarians,
This week our speaker is Rod Daniels who will be discussing the current progress on Rotary International contribution to eradication of polio worldwide.  The SSRC Board and the SSRC Rotary Foundation has taken actions to meeting the district financial goal for club contributions towards supporting this R.I. goal.
The SSRC Golf Tournament on Friday was a success from multiple perspectives.  First, from what I could see in terms of the signage, bidding on auction items, ticket sales for 20/20 and mulligan sales we probably met our financial target for fundraising.   Neil Sutton will have the final numbers for us soon. Secondly, the golfers I spoke with seemed to have a great time.  My friend Abe Wagen, who usually has difficulty with the putting part of golf, won the putting contest!!  Abe was so thrilled that he made an additional donation in support of our SDSK event.  Thirdly, almost everyone in the club participated in the event either as a sponsor, golfer or worker at the greeting table or selling tickets..I am really proud of our club's participation.  Knowing the members of our club, I anticipate we will have the same level of engagement on the day of the SDSK event as well.  Finally, I want to thank Neil Sutton, his team and everyone from the club who participated in this awesome fundraising event.
Last week Janet Matthews provided an interesting overview of her time in Dubai.  We thank Janet for sharing her insights.
Yours in Rotary,

Alan W. Bakst, President

480-522-5512 (cell/text)