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  Vocational Projects
The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA) – Our club sponsors candidates for      scholarships given by the Rotary Vocational Fund to help the working poor acquire, develop, or improve specific job skills.
Nursing Scholarships – A nursing scholarship at Scottsdale Community College was provided for the 2011-2012 school year.
Enriching Lives with Vocational Skills
Take the Arizona state tax credit for the “working poor” by directing your donation to The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA).  Maximum credit of $400 for joint filers or $200 for individuals.  Don’t worry you’ll get it all back when you file your taxes next year.
Last year your tax credit donations to TRVFA enriched the lives of 62 individuals and their dependents with over $122,000 in vocational education grants.  Here’s a great example of how you’re enriched lives:
We recently followed up with Robyn, and were thrilled to hear what she had to say.
“All is well over here.  I've worked for the same company since graduation, first in the hospice division and now in home health.  It's a perfect fit for me.  I have the flexibility to make my own hours and work my schedule around my children’s schedules. I also get to visit with patients in their homes on a one on one basis and build relationships as well as give nursing care, I love it! I was able to send my oldest off to college, she is now starting her second year and doing really well.  I was also able to send my second oldest to China for a month on a cultural program. I would have never dreamed a few years ago these things would be possible!  I'm currently trying to locate an LPN to RN bridge program that I can attend while working, although I haven't quite figured out the logistics of that yet. It'll be tricky but it's a big jump in pay and will open a lot of doors once I attain my RN.Thanks so much for all your help and thanks for following up.”
Start your own vocational service program now by taking your 2014 Arizona state tax credit donation to TRVFA. Make it a club project.  Go to trvfa.org, and click on “donate now”.  With the support of all Arizona Rotarians we can help enrich more lives for the future of Arizona.
For more information go to www.trvfa.org or contact me at dennishaberer@cox.net